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Austin Pierce

Updates to Blaze #10

By News

Blaze #10 has been enhanced for this season.

With the help of our golf architect, Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs, Inc., we’ve added a waste bunker lining the left side of the fairway, challenging the accuracy and placement of your first shot. The waste area is 100 yards long and 25 yards wide and will feature some low growth plantings.

Around the backside, we will add fescue to frame the sight line and improve the cosmetic effect.
Additionally, our new back tee is ready for play and will stretch the hole to 355 yards including a tee shot over the pond, when in use. Our plan is to move tees for all levels around our three tee areas, providing new looks and strategies for this hole.

The waste area will add an element for golfers to play over or around and challenge all skill levels.